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8. And then when a student is absent, they come back and always ask the same question: Did we do anything while I was absent?

7. But unfortunately, that student is almost never absent. You ever think it's because the parent doesn't want to stay at home with them either?

6. This is something every teacher dreams of: the class troublemakers are all absent on the same day. It is surprising (or maybe not) that the absence of just 1 student can totally change the dynamic of a class.

5. ...writing sub plans can be the worst! And let's face it, the headache of dealing with a sub is, sometimes, just not worth it.

4. The problem isn't just taking attendance, but also being present. Especially when you feel like absolute garbage, but....

3. Those clerical errors. Or how about when you count the kids in the classroom, but there is a student from another class visiting.

2. Yes, I know how importance taking attendance is. It's not like I forgot on purpose. It's just the 500 questions the students ask me in homeroom gets me off track.

1. When the office buzzes your room to remind you that you didn't submit attendance yet. Yup, now all the students know you forgot! Hopefully the secretary reminds you nicely.

From taking and submitting attendance as a teacher, to students being absent, these are attendance issues that every teacher faces.

Attendance Issues

Teacher Memes

10. Do they think we don't notice this trend? 

9. Does any teacher answer this question the way students intended or do we just give them the standard sarcastic response?

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