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Teacher Memes

9. When you walk in the next morning and all the posters you spent hours putting up the day before are now on the floor.

18. When you get your student rosters and have to start practicing the pronunciations. And you still get it wrong anyway.

21. They are so quiet and nice the first week of school. Then we meet the true students...

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1. You know school is approaching when you start to have those dreams about school. Maybe nightmares is the more correct word here.

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20. Some students forget how to write their name over the summer, how can we expect them to remember the principles of algebra?

19. Those first few days of filling out paperwork and going over classroom rules and procedures can be pretty boring for teachers too. 
(Hint: Make it lively by explaining your expectations/rules with memes)

17. The number one request that first week: "Can you help me open my locker?" Some students just need practice, and some lockers just need to be punched.

16. That first week never gets easier physically.

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15. The footwear adjustment is not easy either!

14. You haven't talked this much since May. 

13. There is no amount of coffee in the world to prepare you for that first morning.

12. Students come tomorrow, you are tired, tomorrow is going to be a long day, and of course, you can't fall asleep.

11. Especially when those meetings have nothing to do with us!

10. Of course your room would be done a lot sooner if you didn't have twelve meetings to attend. 

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8. But nothing ever goes perfect. The last thing you need to do is laminate something to hang up on the wall. But of course, the last person jammed the machine.

7. Seriously. I think some teachers are better than those home-designers on network tv the magic they work in making their room look amazing.

6. Uh oh. You're room is still in utter chaos. Somehow you are gonna have to pull it all together and make it work.

4. It seems like classes just ended and you haven't done anything yet to prepare for the new year when that letter from your school arrives with the schedule.

2. Those back to school ads seem to start earlier and earlier. 

5. When you are working in your classroom and a parent and student who are touring the building stop in to talk to you.

3. Teachers can not resist good buys at the Dollar Tree, Target dollar bins, picking up teacher appreciation gifts at Office Max, or buying anything else they see to use in the classroom. And we wonder why we are broke.

What teachers hate about going back to school