3. That co-worker who doesn't use best practice.

7. When you are working your tail off to plan a lesson that meets the many standards and the teacher next door is showing "Finding Nemo".

10. When something gets taken away because a teacher misused it.

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15. When everyone is all up in your business and judging you for arriving a few minutes late or leaving a few minutes early one day, when you put in tons of extra hours either before or after school.

12. Every school has that staff member that can't resist using the "reply all" feature on an email.

4. Those teachers who dress up only when they are being observed or when it is parent-conference night.

6. Admit it, you sit at the same seat at staff meetings and if someone steals your seat you give them the stink eye.

Teacher Memes

13. Sometimes it's a parent that does it, but there is always that co-worker who is trying to look better, or just get you in trouble.

5. That teacher who ALWAYS has a question. Usually because they aren't paying attention or are not patient enough to wait for the answer.

1. When a colleague complains about the stupidiest things. 

9. Trying to be professional when you have to work with someone you dislike.

Those CO-Workers

2. We all work with a colleague who has a lesson plan that we can not stand and roll our eyes everytime they do it.

14. Lounge behavior....

11. When you are ready to ask "Can I help you?" to an admin when they walk into your classroom.

8. That teacher who has to show how much ass they kiss.

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