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Teacher Memes

13. Especially Monday mornings. Day before school starts. Planning periods. Basically, anytime you need to make a copy, so does everyone else.


12. You finish making hundreds of copies and then you come up with a much better idea!

11. It's inevitable.

10. No kitten here! 

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10. No kitten here! 

9. What does the printer/copier have in common with Bob Marley. They both are always jammin'! We recommend printing this one out and putting it next to your printer or copy machine. 

8. There's always that staff member who makes a ton of copies and never restocks the paper. 

7. Thinking you can use the passing period to make copies for your next class. Wishful thinking! It's never gonna happen.

6. It's like catching every green light on your way home, but better! No line at the copy machine!

5. Never pass up a working machine. The next time you go to try to use it, it will not be working.

4. When there's 3 people already waiting to use the copy machine.

3. Admit it. We've all thought about taking the copy machine to a field and beating it with a bat. 

2. You see the copy repair man in the morning. By the afternoon the machine is broke again. 

1. No matter how many times you've used the machine, it will always put the staple in the wrong corner.

Copy Machine Problems