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Teacher Memes

The bane of a teacher's existence. I don't know who is giving out extra credit at the end of the semester, but students still think it's a fair request. Maybe they need to look at some of these memes to see how teachers really feel about the end of the semester question. 

2. But let me just wave my little wand and make points appear out of nothing to add to your grade.

8. You are going to need a miracle to bring your grade up now.

1. The logic of asking for extra work when the regular work wasn't as important to you is only apparent to a student.

7. Instead of asking for extra credit, you might have a better chance building a time machine and doing it right the first time.

10. You still don't get it? Let me be clear here:

13. You don't offer it. They are going to ask anyway.

4. This is a difficult concept to understand? Your grade starts at the beginning of the semester, not at the end.

12. Any other questions? Oh,  you're only 4% from an A-? Only 2%? Only 1%? 

9. So don't even ask. You already know the answer.

11. You're going to have your parent email me anyway, aren't you?

6. But you've worked so hard, so how can I deny you this opportunity? 

3. So when I offered help and assistance the entire semester, you didn't think it was worth your time to take advantage?

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Extra Credit

5. Yup. Your lack of ambition has now put you in a very desperate situation.