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7. When you read the ridiculous answers that students come up with when they have no idea of the correct answer.

4. When you fall asleep with a stack of papers in your hand.

3. When report cards are due:

1. We've all forgotten a stack of papers at school.

Grading problems

Teacher Memes

Teacher memes about grading

6. Doesn't matter how many times we tell them... they will always ask for extra credit. 

5. Having to deal with students who wait until the last possible minute to try and improve their grade.

2. Why is it that grades always get better as the stack gets smaller? Have our expectations been reduced or do we just save the best for last?

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9. That stack of papers sitting in front of you. Just waiting. And judging.

8. We've all fallen asleep in bed with a stack of papers and a pen in our hand.