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Teacher Memes

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9. Well, at least there is one positive thing about teacher in-service days! A more than 20 minute lunch allows you to leave the building and get lunch!

8. Admit it! We all get nervous when called into the principal's office. Even as teachers!

7. If you've moved to the new model of teacher evaluation, you have to be excited to be told you are no longer a good teacher even though you've received excellent reviews for the past 10 years!

6. One of the biggest hypocrisies in teaching. Teachers are told to differentiate their instruction, yet we must all use the same test. This makes no sense!

5. Nothing like engaging activities at teacher inservice. Maybe if staff development training were run like a good classroom, it wouldn't be so boring.

4. They say we are who we teach, right? That must explain why teachers never listen at meetings.

3. Get to know your new colleagues or the same ones you've been working with for 15 years with a  team building exercise. Oh boy, won't this be fun. 

2. Don't worry. It won't last more than a year. Next year will be something equally useless. 

1. The start of a new school year means the start of a new district initiative. What buzzwords will we focus on this year?

IN Service/Training Days