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12. Waiting to talk to the principal and you're in line with a bunch of students.

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9. Really? You are going to ask a question now?

8. This happens at every school. The bell has already rung; students are lining up in the hallways; the meeting is about to be dismissed and then.... something asks a question! 

5. It's a fact. Every school has this teacher. If your school doesn't, it's probably you. You know, the teacher has has to ask a question at every single meeting. And every time her hand goes up, the rest of the staff just looks at each other.

4. Some meetings would be better off as a memo e-mailed to the staff instead of wasting our time. 

2. And then there is that feeling of panic when you forget about the meeting and everyone watches you as you walk in 10 minutes late. 

Teacher Staff Meetings

Teacher Memes

10. Ugh. We've all sat through these. Can you not respect our time and
​ just e-mail us?

11. When you love meetings as much as the Grinch loves Christmas.

7. When that teacher starts talking and you just roll your eyes at everything they say.

6. Even worse when they ask a question because they weren't paying attention. 

3. How many times do you sit through an entire meeting and there is not one piece of information relevant to you? 

1. There is no better feeling than getting that email or announcement that the staff meeting has been cancelled. An extra 40 minutes to actually plan for your class. Woo!