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Teacher Memes

Teacher memes about the annoying things that students do.

4. I feel bad for history teachers. Every date they mention is so many days away from a student's birthday, half-birthday,  or a relative's birthday.

6. When a students shares toooo much from their personal/home life. 

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So annoyed.....

5. The new trend of 2018...... Fortnite. My students can't seem to shut up about it.

2. Some things they just won't let go.

1. The crazy trend of the year that consumes students.

9. Lots of teachers right now every time they see another fidget spinner in class.

8. The newest trend sweeping the classroom meant to "focus" students, but ends up being more of a distraction.

3. You want students to stop doing something? Do it yourself and watch it become "uncool".

7. You would think they would get use to their clumsy teacher. But they laugh every time. 

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6. You know you are getting old when every time students are talking, you have to ask them what certain new phrases mean.