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6. After a long day, it's crash time!

2. Although, let's be honest, there is no tired like teacher teacher anytime of year.

Teacher Tired

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10.  The hours and hours you spend on creating an awesome activity....

7. Grading: You know you're a teacher when you fall asleep with a pile of papers and a red pen in your hand.

7. Those days when you are at school from 8am to 8 pm. When you get home you just crash on the bed to do it all over again for day 2.

8. And that first bar keeps rising and rising. 

5. We don't start the year exhausted though. But we sure do end that way!

1. There is no tired like the first-week-back-to-school-tired!

7. Coffee: The fuel of every teacher. Students know not to even ask their teacher a question before they have their coffee.

4. Another reason we are so tired: When we get an idea we have to get up and write it down, otherwise it will be gone by morning.

3. Staying up late to finish that lesson plan aligned to standards.

Teacher Memes

10.  On a Sunday night, wanting to relax, but those lesson plans are calling...

9. Almost there.... you can do it.

11. If there was an emoji of a teacher, it would look like this: