8. I have a feeling this bear is going to be waiting a long time. 

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7. I bet you love hearing this from your non-teacher friends all the time, right?

6. But you're "just" a teacher. 

5. Who doesn't want more responsibility with no added benefit?

4. The more the merrier, I say! 

3. Class sizes never get smaller.

2. How many IEPs and 504s can you handle at once? Oh by the way, there's no funding for any assistants.

1. Prepare to get blamed for everything.

Things Teachers Deal with

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18. Getting that email from a boss is as bad as when your significant other says "we need to talk"; you suddenly think of all the things you possibly could have done wrong or people who may have been offended.

22. That parent that complains about everything.

20. The most boring days of the year.

19. That "feeling" before a day off where you check the calendar just to make sure!

16. Yes, we understand you're child is special. 

12. Not to even mention the discrepancy between elementary and high school.

9. We have so much free time to do all that extra stuff that parents request.

Teacher Memes

14. It only takes a few special children to set your mood in a different direction

17. Planning two lessons because you won't be able to do the one that relies on technology.

24. Fidget spinners help students relax. Teachers have their own techniques to relax.

23. Things teachers understand: You don't get to go to the bathroom whenever you want to.

13. Especially after gym class or outdoor recess on a hot day. I feel extra bad for teachers who work in a building without air conditioning.

11. I don't know who it is more awkward for: the student or the teacher.

15. Unless a parent writes the email, you are going to get emails without a greeting and proper spelling.

21. That year when everybody has the same name.

10. Why, oh why? Despite days like this, we still love our jobs!